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Phillips Academy is a complex place. PollPA let you share your voice — and didn't take itself too seriously. Entirely student-run. As of June 11, 2019, the site has been archived into a read-only form and no new polls will be published.

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2020 Presidential Election

The 2020 elections may seem far away, but the primaries are already in full swing. Who are your favorites?

Poll Closed 495 Responses
Results Available


Finals week is around the corner. Let’s talk about work at PA.

Poll Closed 599 Responses
Results Available

Secret Societies

We've all heard rumors about secret societies on campus. But how much do we really know about them?

Poll Closed 639 Responses
Results Available

Guest Poll: Faculty-Student Communication (Nick Demetroulakos)

Written by Nick Demetroulakos, this poll tries to better understand the relationship between faculty and students. The PollPA team did not write this poll.

Poll Closed 507 Responses
Results Available

Earlier Sign-In

Sign-in wasn’t always at 9:30pm (and 8pm on Sundays). Was the change effective?

Poll Closed 578 Responses
Results Available

College Culture

Just a few days ago, seniors made their final college decisions. What are PA’s social norms around discussing them?

Poll Closed 623 Responses
Results Available

Personal Time

The administration has recently proposed discontinuing personal time. What do you think?

Poll Closed 690 Responses
Results Available


On Friday (April 27th), students protested after administrators removed two female students from a dance due to their clothing. What’s your take?

Poll Closed 619 Responses
Results Available

Commencement Apparel

Graduation at PA is iconic. But how can we ensure that all students feel included?

Poll Closed 516 Responses
Results Available


AirPods have taken off on campus. What’s the message they send?

Poll Closed 655 Responses
Results Available

(Non) Sibi Culture

'Non Sibi' is a fundamental value of our school community. But how well do we live up to it?

Poll Closed 599 Responses
Results Available

Parietal Rules

Everyone seems to be talking about PA's room visitation policies. What's your opinion?

Poll Closed 716 Responses
Results Available